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The Pittsburgh Hospital Workers survey has closed and results are on their way to the Mayor’s transition team right now.

More than 2,000 city hospital workers participated, making it the largest survey of Pittsburgh’s hospital workers ever conducted.

While thousands of hospital workers have already left their jobs, preliminary results of the survey suggest many more exits will follow unless serious investments are made into the workforce.

A full release of results is coming the week of April 25.


93% of local hospital workers are thinking of leaving the profession.

90% feel their hospital does not have enough staff to handle the workload.

“I feel like I have been to war every single day that I step foot in the hospital. There have been countless times that I knew in my heart a patient would pass away because they are not getting the attention that they deserve due to staffing and patient overload.”

ICU Nurse

“I never thought about leaving until now. The only thing that is keeping me there is the love I have for my patients. It’s hard, it’s draining.”

Patient Care Technician